FAQ's-Five Star Fireplaces - Supply & Install


Five Star Fireplaces has a vast experience in fireplace installations.
Q= Can a rusty flue be replaced. 
A= Yes in most cases, where the fireplace itself is safe and the flue is not. An inspection can determine that.
Q= Can we completely remove our fireplace and flue system and patch the holes. 
A= Yes Five Star Fireplaces can do that. 
Q= Is my existing fireplace safe to use. 
A= We can inspect it and report on it for you or your insurer.
Q= Where can I buy a new fireplace. 
A= Five Star Fireplaces supply and fit our fireplace that has a massive 15 years warranty, 3 speed fan, 8mm thick solid steel baffle plate.
Q= How do I service my fireplace. 
A= We can service it for you correctly and safely every year, that way your home insurance and warranty can be validated when serviced by a professional.
Q= Will a fireplace fit in my home, shed, caravan, annex or on my deck and what size do I need. 
A= Five Star Fireplaces can call out for a quote and inspection. Also we can quote via text pictures, email, and information provided, without a house call to save time and you can book in straight away.